Financiële adoptie van kinderen met een mentale beperking in Tanzania

Marleen Soogen

Function: Project consultant


  • Serves as a leader and mentor to the team members of the company. Every work and decision must be supervised by the NGO Project Manager. 
  • In charge of checking the development of the Ngo by checking reports, proposals, presentations and documentations. 
  • Protecting and maintain the Ngo’s status. If the trend is upward or progressive, she is making sure that they will maintain it. 
  • Responsible for balancing and accounting budget for the project they are going to make. 
  • Analyses the projects. The advantages and disadvantages of implementing it. 
  • Oversees risk management process. 
  • Oversees the development of effective project program/project tools to aid in process standardization).
  • Oversees development of enterprise program/project business cases, plans, budgets, and resource requirements.
  • Facilitates resolution of enterprise multi-project resource and integration conflicts.