Financiële adoptie van kinderen met een mentale beperking in Tanzania

Joan Joseph Msengi
Function: Occupational Therapist


  • Provide occupational therapy services for the children/youth with children disabilities at the project.
  • Manage therapeutic activities at the project.
  • Provide strategic and tactical advice on the therapeutic programs and execution.
  • Refer children/youth with disabilities to the hospital for medical check-up.
  • Manage the use of the therapeutic equipments at the project.
  • Prepare evaluations for the adoption children in the project.
  • Attending different conferences and meetings with the Umoja team every time necessary to sharpen the roles and employees’s responsibilities and provide opinions on different issues as presented by the supervisor.
  • Taking an active class by teaching the Umoja children crafts and life skills as the timetable provides or as instructed in the shedules prepared by the supervisor.